Redditors Share The Clever Tricks Their Pets Try To Get Their Attention

For pet lovers, their little furry munchkins are no less than their biological kids. They have their own tantrums, prefer to be fed by their parents, and of course, need a lot of attention.

And with people working from home these days, it has become a bit of a task to play with the pets and work simultaneously. Obviously, our furry kids don’t understand that and keep coming up with ways to seek our attention.

Redditors also agreed that their pets have come up with bizarre techniques and tricks seeking their time.

Pet owners of Reddit, what’s the weirdest way your pets try to get your attention? from AskReddit

Here are some hilarious and intelligent ideas they come up with:

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My doggo climbs up my lap and rests his face on my laptop, begging me to pet him. Such kids, you see! Does your pet also come up with such sweet and sometimes annoying acts?

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