Kangana Says Watching Films In Multiplexes Have Become Very Expensive For Middle-Class Families

Watching a film at a multiplex is a whole different experience. The excitement to watch our favorite stars on the big screen, with better audio and visual quality, grabbing a bag of popcorn, and sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned space can’t be matched with watching a movie on OTT channels.

Having said that, going to the theatre with the entire family even once every month hurts a middle-class person’s wallet significantly in India. This is why most of us are compelled to watch movies at home on our TV screens.

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This has, however, added to the misery of cinema and multiplex owners who are incurring huge losses. Taking to Twitter, producer and trade business analyst, Girish Johar shared that PVR Inox has reported a loss of Rs 333 Crs approx in Q4FY23, adding to their earlier loss of  Rs 107 Crs. Hence, they are planning to close around 50 underperforming cinemas in the next 6 months.

Retweeting his tweet, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut spoke on behalf of middle-class families in India.


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She said that even though it’s sad that the number of movie theatres might get decreased in the country, we also need to realize that multiplexes have become very expensive.

“We need more theatres in the country. We need more screens, this is not good for the film industry. Having said that, watching films in the multiplexes have become very expensive, going with friends /family means a significant part of a middle class person’s salary. Something needs to be worked out.”

After her tweet, several people came in favour of her saying that eating popcorn, snacks or even having a cup of tea is so expensive in theatres. This is what they opined:

A handful also said that to bring people to the cinemas, Bollywood needs to make quality content.

Someone also questioned that if movies are making Rs 100 Crs then how come multiplexes are suffering?

Something really needs to be done to balance out the ratio otherwise the future of multiplexes in India might be at risk. What do you think?

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