This Innovative Washing Machine Runs Without Any Electricity. How Cool Is That?

What looks like a foot pedal dustbin at one glance, is actually a washing machine. So, if you’re going off grid or simply too broke to pay your electricity bills, one less thing to worry about is clean clothes. All you need to do is pour some detergent and stomp on the foot pedal and you’re good to go.

Innovated by the Canadian company YiREGO, the tiny washing machine is quite a revolutionary home appliance as far as energy conservation is concerned.  It may look small but the machine has the capacity to handle “three days worth of personal garments” as shown in this video by Hzr Kurdistani.

So, the next time the washing machine salesman or the dhobi turns up at your door just tell him, “Nah, I’m good, brah!”