Man Had Warned Railway Ministry About A Possible Mishap 5 Days Before Ranchi Rajdhani Derailment

Indian Railways has been dealing with derailment issues ever since the railways was incepted in the country. But due to negligence in maintenance, issues have started cropping up more than often. This very month, there have been several reported incidents of train derailments. Some fatal and some which didn’t claim lives but caused damages.

But the gross negligence on part of the railway authorities is something that’s alarming. One such derailment could’ve been stopped if they would have been more proactive.

On September 7 i.e. Thursday, Ranchi Rajdhani express derailed near the station.


But it could’ve been avoided. Because a Twitter user, Rakesh Kumar Kaushik, had warned the Ministry of Railways five days prior to the incident, tweeting a picture of the railway track’s condition on September 2.


The Ministry was quick enough to respond to Rakesh and asked DRM Delhi to look into the matter.


Who asked an official to look into the matter. But the user is barely active on social media, so we are guessing it fell on deaf ears.

But five days later, news of derailment at the station came to light.


Tweeple started reacting to it and pointed that the accident could’ve have been avoided.


Rightly said so.


They started questioning the DRM.


It could have been averted.

Surprisingly, that very day, there were three derailments in three different parts of the country.

When will the authorities take the matter seriously and be on their feet while seeking a solution? Hopefully soon.