10 Things Of Daily Use That Were Invented Because Of War

Not that these things would have never been invented had there been no war and neither do they make up for the millions of innocent lives lost but if we were to look at the brighter sides, these inventions surely have been useful.

Let’s look at some of the take homes of war.

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1. The best accessories a man can sport..

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2. Imagine your jeans without the zip…

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3. Probably the best by-product of war…

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4. The knife that doesn’t cut…

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5. The morning tea is no less than a bomb…

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6. Be it birthday decorations of executing a kidnap plan – always keep them handy…

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7. The diet the world sustains on…

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8. The only thing that keeps most of us from being utterly useless in a kitchen…

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9. Wasn’t always a fashion statement…

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10. Another reason for the late risers to hate war…

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Well, at least we got something out of all that pandemonium.

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