Women Are Sharing Their Experiences Of Being Shamed On A Wall, It’ll Tear Your Heart Apart!

As women, we are asked to be ‘lady-like’ at all times. Sob quietly, laugh covering your mouth, don’t speak too loudly, dress appropriately, look attractive, walk sexy, talk sweet, be coy, don’t kiss and tell, don’t kiss at all, be motherly.

Then when we don’t adhere to these norms laid out for us, we’re labelled with names that become our identity. Keeping those names in mind, we are shamed for everything we do or don’t do. We spend our lives trying to please the society, and when we speak up against it, we’re called rebels.

It’s not just one woman or a handful of us that experience various kinds of shaming. Slut shaming, fat shaming, body shaming, mother shaming, period shaming – anything that doesn’t appeal the society, we’re shamed for it.

To bring this to light and form a closer unity amongst women, Suzie Blake started a project called Wall of Shamed on Instagram, wherein she urges women to share their experiences.

There is also a physical wall on display in Melbourne, Australia at the Victorian College of the Arts Masters Graduate Exhibition for women to share their stories.

She started this project owing to her own experiences with the issue at hand. She wanted to give women an opportunity to voice their angst because she believes that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

She hung a portrait of herself on the wall as a pregnant teenager because a pregnant teen is judged in all ways you can’t think of.

Many women responded to her initiative by writing on the wall, or by emailing her their stories. She documents it in the form of images on the said Instagram account. See their stories below.

1. Being shamed for breastfeeding.


2. Teachers are supposed to be unbiased, right?

3. Stereotyping already?

4. And we wonder why women are scared to walk alone…

5. Many parents do it even without noticing it.

6. Just because we don’t match his expectations.

7. What happened to “Size doesn’t matter”?

8. Victim-blaming never gets old.

9. Nobody deserves to hear that. Ever.

10. No means NO.

11. They clearly think we’re property.

12. Can’t we ever do something simply for ourselves?

13. Who gets to decide these standards of beauty/attractiveness?

14. Unfortunately, such sadists exist.

15. Yes, it is the society. Not us.

But we are hopeful. Especially, with new-age feminists and feminism, we’d like to believe that the situation is changing. But until a wall like this doesn’t remain empty, women will not be free of mental biases and physical assaults inflicted on a regular basis.

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