US Man Erects Wall Of Gobar After A Property Dispute With His Neighbor

Clashes with your padosi are often unavoidable but are best resolved amicably.  A Michigan man had one such property dispute; however, he came up with a creative solution. Reports suggest he erected a 250-foot-long manure wall between his property and that of his neighbor.

His next-door neighbor Wayne Lambarth had a lot to say about the wall and the smell that wafted his way from the cow dung. He said the fecal wall appeared after a spat with his neighbor.

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“Normally they spread it on the field, but they decided to make a fence out of it,” Wayne explained.

Apparently, Lambarth’s granddad developed the Lodi Township farmland a century ago. However, he had a spat with a farmer next door when they discussed the property line. The gobar wall was erected subsequently, but it has turned into an annoyance for Lambarth as well as his tenants, Jaidyn Schwarzel and Coyne Gatto.

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When confronted, the farmer who built the dung-based divider that stretches 250 feet, said it was a compost fence. It appears local authorities can’t take any action against the farmer, as the wall remains on his property. Looks like the farmer had the last laugh in this scenario!

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