Man Struggles To Pay On Fancy Date, Waiter Comes To His Rescue With A Brilliant Idea

First Dates. **sigh** They make us both nervous and excited. We put forth our most charming selves, reserve a fancy restaurant and dress up to the nines. All of this to leave a good first impression. While it’s always a good thumb rule to not put on a fake mask, sometimes, just sometimes, going over and above for your date can result in something magical.

Twitter user Tim (@forwardnotback) saw this in action while he was having dinner at a fancy place. He noticed a man on a date struggling with a classic dilemma. The steep prices on the menu vs. his promise of paying the entire bill himself. When a waiter saw his discomfort, he did something truly selfless.

Tim gave a play-by-play account in this beautiful thread. Read on to know what happened.

Oh no! Not the wine list

There are a few women who get angry if their dates ask them to split the bill. But the woman in this instance repeatedly offered to go dutch. The man, however, wanted it to be his treat and insisted on paying. Even if it meant hurting his wallet.

This waiter is a real gem of a person, don’t you think?

If you have a friend who thinks there are no kind souls left, restore their faith in humanity by sharing this thread with them. That is exactly what the Twitterati did, it got almost 10,000 retweets. Tim’s eloquent storytelling and the waiter’s generosity melted hearts the world over.

What goes around, comes around

Feeling the love

Only happy endings here

True mark of a date’s interest in you

Dear waiter, thank you for doing this

Not all heroes wear iron suits or carry a hammer. Some of them sport inconspicuous black and white clothes.