“I Was So Embarrassed”: Tahira On Forgetting Her Son At A Restaurant & Waiter Chasing Her

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife Tahira Kashyap had earlier shared hilarious moments of her motherhood journey. The writer-filmmaker who is mum to Virajveer and Varushka now recalls the struggles of being a new mom.

Calling it a “blunder”, she said she once forgot Virajveer at a restaurant. At the time, her son was just an infant and napping in a pram, reports HT. “Once lunch was over I hugged each of my friends, and headed to the elevator. Just then one of the staff members came running towards me, putting his foot in the door before it shut. ‘Madam,’ he said, ‘you have forgotten your baby!’”

Speaking of feeling judged, she divulged, “Everyone in the lift gave me a look I will never forget. I was so embarrassed. People forget to pay bills or leave their bag behind. I forgot my baby even though I was still holding on to my bag. What kind of cruel mother does that?”

Recalling other such moments, Tahira adds, “I have dropped my kids school on public holidays, only to get those looks from the kids. These blunders do not cease to happen even today but now I am more forgiving of myself.”

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She concludes, “Even during my illness, when my mom took over things. She was the one who gave their tiffins to the children and I was worried ‘Oh, she gave cheese sandwiches to them two days in a row. How unhealthy!’ But now I am like ‘how does it even matter?’ Now I have learnt to let go.”

Have you experienced similar blunders while coping as a new parent? Tell us!

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