Man Lists Bra, Waist & Feet Size While Looking For A Prospective Partner On Matrimonial Ad

We have seen people list bizarre requirements on matrimonial ads. From seeking a ‘fair, rich and working bride’, to wanting a ‘no farter’ groom, people have pretty rigid expectations from their would-be partners.

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This time around, another matrimonial ad has been grabbing eyeballs. A Reddit user recently posted a screenshot of a man’s expectations seeking a wife on a matrimonial site. In the ad, apart from mentioning the age brackets, he also penned the bra size, waist size, and even the feet size of his prospective partner.

He wrote Boob size requirement in his matrimonial ad. Also, pro-life but liberal! from india

To our surprise, he even wrote that the woman’s attire should be “80% casual and 20% formal”. Like us, many people were left open-mouthed on reading his bizarre requirement.

Some on Reddit even commented the guy wanted character customization and not a partner.

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What’s next? A woman not following a skincare routine or a man not into play stations? *eye rolls*

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