Bengal Man Applies For Correction In Voter ID, Receives Revised One With A Dog’s Photo


A minor mistake in your government ID cards might end up landing you in a soup. Your bank loans might get rejected, they might deny you issuing you a passport or refuse to accept you as an Indian citizen altogether, you never know! So, it’s quite important to keep all your government-issued ids including your Aadhar card and voter IDs in place, up to date, and error-free.

Accordingly, Sunil Karmakar from Murshidabad, West Bengal had applied for a correction in his voter ID, reports NDTV. Days later, he received the revised ID card with a picture of a dog instead of his own on it.

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“Yesterday I was called at Dulal Smriti School and this voter ID card was given to me. I saw the photo. The officer there signed and gave it to me but he didn’t see the photo. This is playing with my dignity. I will go to the BDO office and request that this should not happen again,” he told TNIE.

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On the other hand, the BDO, Rajarshi Chakraborty said the mistake will immediately be corrected. “It’s not his final voter ID card. If there is a mistake, it’ll be corrected and Karmakar will receive his revised voter ID soon. As far as the dog’s photo is concerned, it might have been done by someone while filling online application. The photo has already been corrected. He’ll get the final ID card with the correct photo,” he said.

The government officials must be careful while issuing such important IDs though, after all, such IDs are mandatory for letting you practice your rights like voting in elections.

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