Vodafone Landed Yet Another Powerful Message Through Its #LookUp Initiative On Father’s Day

In today’s world, where social media has become the medium to express all kinds of emotions, be it love or angst, people have somehow forgotten to live and celebrate life offline. Taking insight from this, Vodafone did a social experiment on Valentine’s Day, encouraging people to #LookUp from their phones and have some real conversations with their loved ones.

The campaign gained a lot of momentum and hence, Vodafone decided to take it forward on Father’s Day with a digital film.

The film talks about a very relevant and relatable situation which will ring a bell in a lot of people’s minds. It shows a girl celebrating Father’s Day in full spirit. She selects the best picture of her with her Dad from the phone gallery, writes a very sweet caption, puts all the cute and emotional hashtags and posts it before anyone else can, on social media. But, while she’s busy getting those ‘100 likes’, she forgets a very important aspect of celebrating Father’s Day.

I’ll let the film do rest of the talking.

It has struck a chord and grabbed the attention of people on digital media. The film has garnered more than 16 Million views since its launch. Vodafone brought up such an important and often ignored topic to light.

It’s high time people, #LookUp from your phones and show some love offline.

This story is brought to you in association with Vodafone