Boy Meets Dog With The Same Skin Condition And They Find A Best Friend In Each Other

Few things in this world are as pure as the bond between a boy and his dog. The innocence of that friendship is almost unparalleled. Truly, it’s a sight to behold when you see a little boy playing with his beloved feline. Every time I see a boy walking his furry friend down the street, I grow increasingly envious. I’ve never had a dog myself but have yearned for one for the longest time.

Recently, Carter, a boy suffering from vitiligo met with Rowdy, a dog with the same skin condition. There was an almost instant connection and was the perfect example of the magical bond I spoke of earlier:

1.  Earlier, according to Carter’s mom, he used to constantly complain about his face and skin saying he hated them both.

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UPDATE ON ROWDY . Rowdy saw a neurologist in the ER today. They are not sure if it was a seizure or a stroke or something else. They did a lot of tests and without a "much needed" (expensive) MRI and CT Scan, we may never know. He could have a tumor or a mass causing a lot of his issues. . We left with them prescribing a new medication for seizures as well as some codeine for his pain. This could be age related, an isolated event, or he may have more episodes like today. . I want to thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for the prayers, well wishes, and support! It is truly overwhelming to see the kindness and love this pup has from around the world! We love you all! Please continue to follow along the amazing adventure we are having with Carter and his mom from Arkansas! While Rowdy started his day with a scare and a trip to the ER, he was able to end it meeting up with Carter, another beautiful little girl Emma from Eugene, and some dear family friends for a play date and then squeezed in a photo shoot to boot. . This dog never ceases to amaze me with his resilience!!

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2. Then he saw that Rowdy had the same condition and was so excited!


3. And c’mon, who wouldn’t fall in love with this beautiful animal?


4. Look at him, all decked up with Christmas spirit!


5. He’s comforting to old and young alike.


6. Adorableness overload!


7. Could you BE any cuter?


8. Kaafi adorableness, I’d say!


9. And he’s been bringing joy to kids everywhere!


10. Sadly, according to his owner, Rowdy is getting really old now which is concerning.

The owner of Rowdy hopes that the dog’s pups can continue to bring such joy to the lives of several children all over the world after Rowdy has passed. In conclusion, I’d like to leave you with one of my favourite quotes about dogs:

“A dog is the only thing that will love you more than you love yourself.”

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