Vellore Institute Of Technology Bans PUBG In Men’s Hostel, Students Aren’t Thrilled

Lately, all everyone wants, is to see ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner‘ flash on their screen. The cool gang knows what I mean ūüôā For the uninitiated, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a¬†multi-player online shooting game. Players scavenge for¬†weapons, body armour, health items, and backpacks. The ultimate goal¬†is¬†to be¬†the last player standing. Hunger games style.

So, basically just loot, equip, aim and kill.

But it seems like a university in Tamil Nadu isn’t happy about the craze. A student from¬†Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) posted this on Reddit.

It is a circular by the Chief Warden of the Men’s Hostel. It expressly states that playing PUBG is prohibited. If caught, students may face punishment. Further, it encourages them to take up outdoor sports rather than online games.

For those who are shaking their head right now, thinking ‘Its¬†JUST a game‘ – it is more popular than you know. It was nominated Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2018. A 2018 report by Sensor Tower claims it was the most downloaded game on Apple‚Äôs App Store in the first quarter. And among the top 5 most downloaded games on Android Google Play.

These are some of the reactions to the circular:

  1. Free will?

2.  Battle Royale

3. If you want to make something more desirable, label it as prohibited

4. The other side of the story

Granted, gaming addictions are bad. Is a complete ban justified though? Tell us what you think.

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