10 Things You Face When You Visit A Dentist

Not all of us can be Deepika Padukone- with her dazzling smile, and as if that wasn’t enough, that cute dimple. For those of us who are not genetically blessed with perfect teeth, a great smile requires the help of an orthodontist, and an agonizing visit to the dentist’s.

Here are some things that you experience when you visit the dentist, that will leave you scarred forever:

1. As soon as you see those instruments, you are reminded of the reason why you avoid visiting the dentist

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You enter the dentist’s office, and you can see all those instruments laid out, waiting to poke and prod you in areas of your mouth you didn’t even know existed. It can also be called a modern-day torture chamber perhaps?


2. Add to that feeling, the typical smell in the dentist’s office

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That typical smell of medicines, the sterilized instruments, and yes even the surgical gloves…. and this one smell that I can’t really pinpoint, but I associate it with dentists.


3. The drill

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Anybody who has had dental work done knows about this one instrument of misery, which is enough to give you nightmares for a week. Maybe all those serial killer movies were inspired by this device?


4. So basically, you need more pain to alleviate the previous pain

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Anybody who has had a cavity cleaned and filled knows the pain that you feel when they clean it with that needle-like device. Why can’t pixies and fairies fix my teeth with some magic dust? *sigh*


5. The sounds that the drill makes

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Seriously, are you digging up to my brain? Because the vibrations feel like a mini earthquake inside the mouth.


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6. People peering into your mouth

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As if it wasn’t terrifying enough already, there are assistants and interns peering into your mouth. Should I send out invitations for more people to join the group?


7. Because people just staring into your mouth isn’t enough, they also need to physically hurt you

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I had no idea so many instruments could fit into my mouth, what with suction, a mirror, a needle….my jaw is permanently locked.


8. *Tears of happiness* “There are no more cavities. The treatment is complete.”

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Now you can start crying.


9. In your mind’s eye, you can see your bank account being emptied

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Funny how torturing yourself can cost so much.


10. Feeling relieved at the fact that you got out of it without crying, dying or strangling the dentist

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No more visits…unless you learn some new way to brush your teeth…

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