Watch Crowd Neatly Part Making Way For Ambulance During Ganpati Visarjan In Pune!

Ambulances often struggle to make their way through crowds and traffic to reach the hospital in time. It is seldom that we see people carrying out their civic responsibility and making way for an ambulance. But that’s what we are supposed to do on any normal day, right?

Well, there are people who remind us of such small yet vital responsibilities of a citizen. From the festival crowd of Kerala who made way for an ambulance a few months back, to the video of devotees of Puri Rath yatra doing the same, such incidences have certainly inspired many.

And a similar incident came to light at a Ganesh idol immersion procession in Pune recently!

Visarjan day is all about celebrations, dhol and of course, traffic jams on the roads. Amidst such chaos, devotees of a procession on Lakshmi road in the city made way for an ambulance that had to cut through the crowd. Video of the thoughtful gesture by the devotees is going viral on social media.

In the video, a few volunteers are seen urging people in the procession to make way for an ambulance stuck in the jam. People are seen quickly moving sideways, clearing the passage for the ambulance which then swiftly moves out of the crowd.

The video is garnering several reactions on social media with netizens praising the devotees for their gesture.

Another such incident was also reported in Hong Kong earlier this year when a crowd of 2 million people at a festive gathering made way for an ambulance.

Such incidences truly encourage people to take their social responsibilities seriously. So, next time you spot an ambulance stuck in a jam, do not forget to do your bit in helping it pass.

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