‘Yeh Kya Tha?’ Twitter Reacts To Virat Kohli’s Hilarious Bhangra On Field During Warm-Up


Never has it happened that it’s cricket season and Virat Kohli hasn’t become a meme! If you notice the man closely, you will find numerous actions and expressions which can make you laugh till the end of time. Indeed, there is never a dull moment when Virat is in the field!

Having said that, Virat Kohli recently broke into a hilarious dance during a warm-up session on the field, reports The Indian Express. This happened during a pre-match practice session ahead of their match with Kings XI Punjab. Have a look:

The internet soon broke into an overwhelming number of memes and left people online in splits! While some loved the cricketer’s free spirit, others couldn’t help but crack jokes!

Virat never fails to amaze us with his game…and his meme potential!

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