Virat Resting On The Ground During At INDvSL Is Going Viral And The Memes Are Hilarious!

You gotta give it to the Internet. If you are really naive to ask why, let me tell you, it is not easy to churn meme after meme, day after day and how! Because let’s admit it, amidst a bunch of paid hashtags, it’s rather difficult to find a genuine trend and meme the hell out of it!

Having said that, no one can not discard the contribution of the occasion that comes calling. If you are not convinced enough, I have just the right one to demonstrate! So, the India Vs Sri Lanka test series saw a slight hiccup when Delhi’s smog got in the way of the action. But while Sri Lankan players wore masks, Indian skipper, Virat Kohli took a moment to lay down on the ground.

Bas phir kya? Memeactivity is on, as we speak, but I have sampled a few here and they’re golden to go amiss! 

But before that, can we take a moment to applaud Virat ‘Superhuman’ Kohli who continued with his century spree, hitting 243 runs.

Yes, so memes. See the collection for yourself. 

1. The best of the lot. Amirite?

2. Bang on!

3. Bwaahahahha

4. Satya Vachan.

5. PSA, anyone?

6. Because, obviously!

7. Another graphical representation of the above-mentioned, popular opinion.

8. That could be it!

9. Too temped to say ‘awww’.

10. Are you thinking what I am?

Sorry, Anushka. JK!

But hey, the memes means business. The viral business and honestly, I can totally see why. Now, you can go back to looking at other memes of the day!