Virat Kohli’s Expression During Ranchi Test Sparks Meme-Fest Online

Virat Kohli is the king of hilarious expressions during a cricket match. There is never a dull moment when he is on the field and more often than not, you’ll catch him channelling certain mannerisms which are pure meme material!

Like recently, India was playing the third test match against South Africa in Ranchi and this is what the captain of the Indian team did:

Image source

Virat was seen posing in a tiger/ghost-like fashion trying to hilariously scare someone. BCCI recognised it was pure gold and shared the picture on their official Twitter account, asking netizens to caption it.

And boy did netizens deliver! From hilarious captions to photoshopped memes, Virat’s picture has started a laugh riot on the internet. Have a look:

Will there ever be enough reasons to love this man? We hope not!

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