As Promised, This Virat Kohli Fan Got Married Only After Watching Him Hit His 71st Century

For celebs and sports personalities like Virat Kohli, it’s common to have fans going all out to just have a glimpse of the stars. But, when your admirers start praying for you and manifest what seems impossible at that moment, it reflects how much you mean to them.

Back in 2019, the former captain of the Indian men’s cricket team scored his 70th century in international cricket against Bangladesh in a day-night Test in Kolkata.


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But after that, even after giving his sweat and blood, the cricketer wasn’t able to break the dry spell and score a 71st century. One ardent fan of Kohli, Aman Agarwal, was so desperately waiting for him to score his next century that he made a promise to himself that he would get married only when the cricketer would hit another 100.

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Luckily, after 3 long years, Virat did it once again and hit a bombasting century against Afghanistan in September 2022 in an Asia Cup T20 match. And since Virat, who returned in good form after recovering from his injury, delivered what Aman wanted, the fan did exactly what he had promised.

Giving an update, Aman took to his Twitter and said that he had asked for the 71st century but Virat scored 74th on his wedding day. The elated fan also shared a picture of himself in his wedding sherwani.

People online were delighted that Virat now has 74 international centuries in his kitty and Aman kept his promise and got married.

It cracked me up when someone said what would have happened if Virat would have retired before hitting his 71st century. Jokes apart, this guy does get the cake for being a dedicated VK fan.

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