Virat Kohli Thanks Wife Anushka For Standing By Him, Dedicates 71st Century To Her & Daughter

Ever since Virat Kohli came back after taking a break to deal with his mental health, all eyes were on him. And yesterday, he made it worth it by scoring his 71st century at the T20 Asia Cup against Afghanistan.

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He took the world by surprise and what a pleasant one. Every social media platform was buzzing with great news and visuals from his historic century. However, among them was a video that made many weep happy tears.

Post winning the game, when Kohli was called to the podium during the presentation to speak about his dhamakedaar comeback, he credited his wife and actor Anushka Sharma along with his daughter Vamika for giving him space to work on his game and putting things in perspective for him. He thanked her for standing by him through thick and thin.

“I kissed my ring in the celebration as well. You see me standing here like this right now because all the things that have been put in perspective have been done by one person who stood by me through all these difficult times and that’s Anushka and this hundred is especially dedicated to her and our little daughter Vamika as well.”


Celebrating his commendable feat, Kohli also kissed his wedding ring while on the field.

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People online were hearts on his gesture towards Anushka Sharma who has not once, but multiple times bear the brunt of angry fans who blamed her for his poor performance.

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Anushka wasn’t behind in expressing her love for him as she promised to forever be with Virat through any and everything.


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Just yesterday, an Indian fan stated that marriage is the reason why Indian cricketers especially bowlers aren’t able to perform well on the field. Well, Kohli’s loving gesture for his wife and daughter says it all.

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