Remember The Player Who Proposed To Kohli? Well, He Gave Her A Bat But Twitter Has An Issue.

The immense amount of female fan following that Kohli has is probably known to all. Girls swoon over the Indian Cricket Captain and why not?

From his impeccable batting skills to his passion for the game, everything about the man is applaud worthy. (Did we mention his charming looks too?) But amidst millions of his fans, there was this one female fan, whose love and admiration for the cricketer made it to the headlines 3 years ago.

Remember how England cricketer Danielle Wyatt broke the internet with this one single tweet of hers?


What followed next for her, was a calamitous response on the tweet (notice the spelling of the surname) and also that she got a chance to meet the man himself. Yes, Virat not only met Danielle but also gifted her a special bat!


And so now finally after 3 years, while prepping up for her upcoming tournament, the lucky woman shared the picture of her bat with the world. But with the same innocent mistake that she made last time. Kholi oops Kohli!


Bas phir, aur kya? The tweet went viral and people ended up laughing off an pointing out the error made by Danielle. Have a look:

1. Who do you think will be Gracy Singh then?


2. Roop Nagar, prem gali, ‘Kholi’ number…


3. Emotions, vemotions, etc!


4. Seriously?


5. They all love you, trust me!


6. Ouch!


7. Are you ready for it Sharmaji?


8. How could one not think about this?


9. Lame but full points for the attempt!


10. That’s a big one now!

Well, well. Making the same mistake two times. Maybe I wonder, could it be an inside joke?