Virat Kohli Credits Anushka For His Life, Reveals How Daughter Vamika Changed Him

If we were to list the top power couples in our country, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma would definitely make the cut. But anybody who has been following Virat from the beginning of his career would certainly know that he is a completely different person now.

According to The Indian Express, Virat Kohli recently opened up about how Anushka has a huge role to play in the making of the man he is today.

“If I hadn’t met her (Anushka), I don’t know where I would have been. She has made me believe where I am and what impact I can have through what I do. She has alleviated me as a person, and that has eventually filtered through in cricket. I couldn’t be more grateful and lucky to have a life partner like her. She is absolutely my better half,” he said.

He also revealed how his priorities have changed ever since their daughter, Vamika, was born.

“Firstly now, with our daughter, it’s putting her to sleep, first thing. Then, stepping out for breakfast somewhere, grab a quick coffee in the time that we get. And then, come back to the room to be with our daughter again. Priority is obviously making sure that we stay up to speed with her schedule.”

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It seems like for Virat and Anushka, happiness lies in small things – like taking a walk!

Virat said, “Just taking a stroll down the street is probably the most relaxing thing for both of us. Such is the reality of our lives back home. Can’t complain about anything in life, but we have to adjust. Thinking of going down the street in India is not even a dream for us now, it doesn’t even arrive in our dreams anymore”

He accepted that Vamika too has changed him as a person and added how he forgets everything else when he sees his daughter smile.

“There is such calming energy in your child’s smile. When they smile, you literally forget everything. It’s so pure. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.”

Here’s wishing the happy family more walks and laughs!

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