Kohli’s Saying “Shaam Tak Khelenge, Inki G**nd Phat Jayegi” Caught On Stump Mic

Language is a blessing to man and especially our ‘desi’ abusive slang which can be used in practically any situations. Whether you’re angry, happy, sad or annoyed, you can use the same expression, made better with a change of tone. It’s like using ‘F’ word but with more emotion and satisfaction.

Our favourite celebrities are no exception to this blessing. Although they must be careful of what they say, owing to the fact that their fans worship them and take each word of theirs at face value. After their adorable dab routine on the field, Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay are back in the news.

Virat Kohli, who is recently playing the test series in South Africa was caught on camera using a not-so-appropriate sentence on the field when playing in partnership with Murali Vijay. He said, and I quote,

“Shaam tak khelenge, G**nd phat jayegi.”

A Twitter user uploaded the video to his account where you can hear Virat saying the exact statement quoted above. Although he isn’t in the frame captured on camera, the voice was recorded by the stump mic.


Fans were obviously quick to catch up to speed with this and boy! are they reacting to it! Here are some of the reactions we found on Twitter for this incident.

1. Some rose to his defence.

2. While some were really surprised.

3. Some others didn’t deter from their belief of Virat being a legend.

4. And some found him arrogant too.


5. This guy was more concerned with the correction of the statement.

6. Another supportive fan!

7. Some guy even pointed out that this is the usual way people talk in Delhi. Honestly, I think I’ll believe him.

8. This uber enthusiastic person doesn’t doubt Virat’s ability to do what he said.

This isn’t the first time a cricketer has made the news for using what can be called ‘foul language’, on the field during a match. But since we’re so used to hear this kind of usage of words, we are probably desensitized towards it and consider it to be normal. I’m not saying it’s right (or wrong) for him to behave this way. But I’m a fan, so I’ll leave the judgment to you guys, yea?

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