Virat And Anushka Went Grocery Shopping In New York And Became Twitter’s Favourite Meme

Love is in the air and it’s in New York for the time being.

Indian skipper Virat posted a picture with his ‘❤️’ a few days back and the internet flipped. While neither of them have openly spoken about how they are irrevocably in love, Virat sometimes goes out his way to post pictures and marks her as an important person in his life. And to people who love them for the adorable couple they are, that’s proof enough.

As they are taking a break together, Virat and Anushka were spotted at a grocery store in NYC and as they officially stepped into the phase of buying-groceries-together-couple, Twitter lost its flip switch.

It’s brimming with funny, relatable tweets/memes and here are some of the best ones. Have a look!

1. Tell me or I am leaving!


2. Phir bhul gaye? 


3. WHAT? Another woman?


4. …and here comes Dhoni!


5. Always buy what she says. She knows best!


6. Virat cracking puns? Yeah, I can totes imagine him doing that!


7. There he is!


8. Liar, liar…pants on fire!


9. LAME!


10. Oh well…


11. Zyada nahi bol rahe tum? 


12. Phir bul gaye…2.0


13. Don’t ask me!

So girls and boys, that’s all we have for today!

P.S – Someone wise once said, “couples who buy groceries together, stay together.” Looks like s/he knew best!