11 Things You Experience When You Travel In Virar Fast


Local trains are popular for being the life line of Mumbai. Most people living in Mumbai, depend on local trains to commute from one place to another. There are three types of railway lines – western, central and harbor. Amongst all these lines, one train has gained extreme popularity and importance. The Virar fast. People joke that it’s easier to get in IIT and IIM, but it is next to impossible to get in Virar fast, especially during peak hours.

People run to get on this train just the way they would to run for their life. For all the people who are not familiar with Virar fast trains, here are some fun insights. And all the people who are well aware of Virar fast, happy reading. 🙂

1. People board the train at Charni road or Marine lines (One or two stops before the main stop) to get a seat

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Yeah they do that! Forget about the seat, it gets impossible to merely get on the train at Churchgate.


2. People in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s run for this train like they are running a marathon

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Height, weight, size doesn’t matter. Run for your train.


3. People don’t let newcomers board the train easily

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Sometimes they won’t let the newbies get out on their desired stop. Why? Because they can do that!


4. Train friends sit together and save the seats if their friends haven’t arrived

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If you see a bag or handkerchief kept on some seat, do not try to take that seat. Just back off and know that the seat is already taken. Also, don’t be surprised if you find a pair of feet, that’s taken too.


5. People start the happy ride with samosas and dhoklas

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You read it right. People get junk food for their train friends and have a mini stress buster party on their way home.


6. Gossip is a must in ladies compartment

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After a long day at work, there has to be some entertainment. Her daughter, my mother-in-law, your neighbour, his brother, this serial, that actor anything and everything.


7. Topics like sports, politics, movies are discussed in first class compartment

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The place is equally crowded, only difference you will notice is either people are discussing topics that are nowhere close to gossip or people are busy with their phones and tablets.


8. You can shop for vegetables and chopped vegetables, basic plastic items, accessories, dress materials etc., no exaggeration

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‘Evening market’, is found amidst crowd. This truly happens.


9. Sing bhajans as loud as you can for as long as you can

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In the midst of running for life, remember God is really important. When do we make time to thank Him/Her for this life? Of course in local trains on your way home or on your way to office.


10. Feel blessed if you get a 4th seat during peak hours

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Your stars are shining bright today. You can now go buy a lottery ticket and be rest assured.


11. If Virar fast runs late, our entire day’s schedule runs late

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Our meetings, appointments, dates and life depends on this one train.
The breeze that hits your face the moment Virar fast picks up its pace, is when you know life is on the right track.

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