If 2 Million Hong Kong Citizens Can Let Ambulance Pass Amidst Protest, So Can We!


Stir your memory and think about the number of times you have seen ambulances been given way during tiresome traffic jams. I’m sure the count isn’t much, especially when the roads are swamped. And who exactly is to blame for keeping ambulances waiting, traffic control officials? Not really. It is the people who should take a step forward in helping the lives of others keeping their own self-interest aside. What happened recently in Hong Kong is a big inspiration in that area.

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In a video that has gone viral on the internet, an ambulance is seen passing swiftly through a sea of protestors in a street in Hong Kong. Protestors can be seen moving aside in an orderly manner to make way for the ambulance to pass. The crowd can be heard cheering and clapping once the ambulance passes.

The fact that thousands of people showed cooperation and made the passing of the ambulance as swift as it could be, in an absolute unchaotic fashion, is heartwarming!

Hong Kong has been ongoing a massive protest after the government passed the Extradition Bill 2019. According to this bill, accused criminal offenders from Hong Kong would be transferred to Taiwan, Mainland China, and Macau for trial, making ‘fair trial’ questionable as the accused would be under another country’s judicial procedures. This sparked a massive movement condemning the bill, asking the government to withdraw it completely.

2 million citizens swamped the streets and marched in protest of the bill. Sources revealed a protestor who had collapsed during the massive protests on Sunday was being taken to the hospital.

Netizens have been giving the video a big thumbs-up and are wishing for everybody to take this as an inspiration and make ambulances a priority now onwards. Human life is more important than one’s need to reach their destination on time.


Let this video be a benchmark for every citizen in India and the next time you spot an ambulance stuck in traffic, do your bit to help it pass! One step from everyone on the road is what’s going to bring about change!

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