This Compilation Of Intense Workout Videos Is Going Viral For Being ‘Kaafi Extra’!

I was going to start this one by saying we all love a good workout. And then I realised, LOL NO! So then… not everyone enjoys a good workout, or loves the gym or swears (and sweats) by cardio. And if you’re one of these people (like me), then what you’re about to see next might just scar you for life. But if you’re the healthy, working out and gym-loving peeps, then this will make you laugh and wonder what the hell is going on!

A compilation of some really INTENSE Instagram workout videos is going viral on Twitter. Why? Ummm, you should see for yourself.

What did you just see, right? Why were those two guys hell bent on making this guy hurt badly post workout? What were they training for? Game of Thrones? (BTW did you see the new teaser OMG!?)

These are just a few of the many questions and hilarious reactions that Twitter has had to this video.

Sorry, I can’t even. I’m in too much pain from just watching that video!

This murderous biblical analogy that is on point!

As always, the Simpsons did it/predicted it first!

“Jar of bees is the secret of my energy!”

And looks like it was a successful workout!

Brace yourselves, those Crossfit jokes are coming!

A lot of people pointed out that the guy looked like he was doing Michael B Jordan’s workout from Creed 2!

Guy: So how do you think we can amp up this workout?

Maybe a new flirting technique?


Forget the guy in the video, I think we viewers might have some too!

This excellent shade!

O.U.C.H! We’ve all been in those group projects!

Ladies! Ladies! Back off! Let a girl do her thang!

This alternate Disney Channel ending!

We’ll call it Fifty Shades Of Gym Buddies!

The guy in the video towards the end be like… “Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good…”

Will these workouts also be cancelled like Daredevil? Oooooooh that hurt worse!

Dear men, sab theek?

*Plays ‘Macho Man by Village People on loop*

WEIRD FLEX, BUT OK! This is the only thing to say to this video!

Hear hear!

Find someone who can do this with you!