Vir Das Claims He Carries His Indian Thali Around The World, Desis Share Similar Stories

I bet every desi household would have that one cupboard that houses all the expensive and fancy cutlery that only make an appearance when the always nagging and never-satisfied relatives pay a visit.

Otherwise, apni steel ki plate lo and chup chaap khichdi khao!

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Well, whatever the reason may be, some of us have sure got used to eating in those steel thalis, the ones that have separate compartments. And among us is comedian-actor Vir Das who loves eating in the thali so much that he travels the world with it. Not kidding, guys!


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Expressing his love for the desi cutlery, the ‘Delhi Belly’ actor posted that the plate is great for standing at a party where people can’t balance bowls in fancy-ass plates.

“Works for sushi sashimi and soya, works for Italian meats and cheeses, pretty much all cuisines, helps with portion control,” he wrote.


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And the very moment he posted a pic of his compartmentalized thali with Dal, Bhindi Bhujia, and Gobi Bhujia, people bombarded his post with similar such stories. Told ya, he wasn’t alone!

Take a look:

The big question is:

A while back, people online engaged in a war of words and defended their choice of plates– the fancy-shmancy ones or the steel ones. Do you also enjoy eating the desi way?

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