Vir Das Busts Assumptions About His Shows By Asking Audience If They Liked It Or Not

The cancel culture is not just restricted to Bollywood movies. It’s been times immemorial that people have pressurized and sometimes threatened the organizers to cancel comedy shows by individual stand-up artists in India.


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Stand-up comic Vir Das is also one of the artists whose show was postponed due to “unavoidable circumstances” in Bengaluru.


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A post shared by Vir Das (@virdas)

According to reports by Republic World, a religious organization had filed a police complaint seeking the cancellation of Das’ show stating that he “hurt religious sentiments and put India in a bad light before the world.”

Das kind of expected this going forward, hence, during one of his shows he filmed a video to bust the many myths and assumptions that are made about his content.

In the video, he posted on his social media, he is seen saying that many assumptions are made about what happens during the show but nobody checks with the audience who can serve as eyewitnesses. Hence, he decided to ask the audience some questions that are often the reason for his and many comedy shows being canceled in India.

He asked the audience, “I have not paid anybody to do this. None of these people are under the influence of anything. None of these people are terrorists or Pakistani agents. Did we target any specific religion here tonight? Did we target any specific government or leader here tonight? Did this show defame India or make you feel ashamed to be Indian?”

Responding to these questions, the scores of people in the audience said ‘NO’. He further asked them if the show made them feel proud to be Indian to which they screamed ‘YES’ in unison.

Captioning the video, he wrote:

“I made this video after one of my shows. Just in Case. I have no interest in media spectacles or being used for headlines. I’m an artist. I shouldn’t be on the news. Many assumptions are made about my content. I trust my art and my audience to speak for me. #TrustTheAudience#SpreadTheLove I humbly ask that you watch it till the end and share if if you enjoy it.” (sic)

Watch the video here:

Basically, he wanted people to watch his shows before being offended and protesting against them.

A lot of people online backed the comedian saying that any form of art should not be banned in a democratic country.

He made a video to prove his point and the audience came in support of him. Do you agree with it?

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