Vir Das Orders Bananas In America & They Come Peeled, Sliced In Boxes, He Rants About It

Being Vir Das is no joke. The Indian comedian, actor, and musician has, not once or twice, but multiple times, been canceled for calling a spade a spade through his satire and comedy.


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He is also ‘dilse desi’ which is why he often carries his steel Indian thali with him around the world. Currently, the artist is in America.

And during his stay in the foreign country, he ordered two bananas to have as a post-workout meal. As an Indian, he also expected that the bananas would come in their natural form, with their skin intact that would need peeling during consumption. But, it didn’t happen as one would expect.

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The fruits came in a plastic box with their skin peeled and thinly sliced. Like you, even Das felt uncomfortable with the way the fruit came in. So, he decided to express what he felt about it on his social media.

In a video, the ‘Delhi Belly’ actor seemed pretty disappointed with the unnecessary hoopla created to deliver two harmless bananas.

“I’m in America right now and I was ordering lunch so I thought of ordering bananas for like a post-workout thing. So I ordered bananas, two of them,” he begins to explain in the video.

Showing the way the fruits were packaged, the upset Das goes on to rant, “This is the bananas.”

“So, now there’s plastic which needs recycling, they will need refrigeration which will need electricity. I will need utensils to eat the bananas. Somebody has to sit and cut the…”

He added that if he asked anyone in India to cut the bananas into pieces, they would remove him from their will. He further shared that he had stared at the boxes for 25 minutes because “bananas have packaging that comes from God,” he emphasized.

“Only in America they are like – ‘No, we can do it better than God’.”

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Apparently, it’s a common way of delivering fruits in America.

A couple of people commented that Das could have simply walked to a grocery store nearby and bought the bananas in their natural form himself rather than ordering them online.

Most desis were frustrated, just like him.

Interestingly, companies peel and cut the fruits and package them in plastic boxes for the ease of people with mobility issues.

Even we were let down looking at how much waste the unnecessary packaging would create. But if companies do it keeping in mind people with disabilities, then maybe walking to the nearest store and reducing such waste creation is the sane option for us. What do you think?

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