“What Is Life Without Paul?” Vin Diesel Gets Emotional About Losing His Best Friend.

We all have people in our lives who we love and cherish deeply. It’s our best friend, our parents, cousins, siblings etc. Vin Diesel opened up about one such person in his life. Someone who isn’t here anymore. With the upcoming release of the 8th film in his most popular franchise, ‘Fast and Furious’, Vin went back to the memories of his best friend, Paul Walker.

On a recent radio show, Vin diesel got quite emotional about losing his best friend. He recalled all of the time spent with Paul and how this film, this story and even his own life wouldn’t be the same without him.

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“There wasn’t a day, there wasn’t a scene, there wasn’t a second where I didn’t have Paul with me in the making of this movie. It’s not making the movie without Paul, it’s, ‘What’s life like? What’s living like without Paul?’ “


Vin also talked about his visit to Walker’s mother after her son’s untimely demise. It was a truly heartbreaking moment for him.

“The day after the tragedy, for me to fly from Atlanta that night and to show up at his mother’s house and for me to say to his mother, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ and for his mother to say to me ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ — I said, ‘Why? Why are you saying sorry to me?’ And she said, ‘Because you lost your other half.’ ”


That statement made Vin realise what he had truly lost. In that moment, he understood the gravity of his loss.

“I wasn’t aware of how profound the loss was. You don’t think about it while you’re living, and we’re probably all a little guilty of not telling people how much we love them while they’re here.”

It’s difficult to realise the transient nature of life. We tend to take life and loved ones for granted. Sometimes, we don’t realise how much we need these people in life until it’s too late. We do love them but we never express it enough. So today, send out a little text, make a phone call or best just go out there and say it to their face; tell them how much you love them and appreciate them for being a part of your life.

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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