Vikrant Massey On Acid Violence: “Boys Need To Learn To Accept ‘No’ For An Answer”

Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapaak is all set to release this weekend and the powerful yet gripping trailer has increased our expectations from the film even more. Deepika Padukone plays Malti, an acid attack survivor based on Laxmi Aggarwal and Vikrant Massey essays the role of Amol, inspired by journalist Alok Dixit.

Recently, Vikrant opened up about how the movie is both different and important saying, “I just hope with this film a conversation starts on why acid attacks happen on women, and what actions need to be taken to stop the heinous crime. It is not that we do not know, it is just that we ignore.”

DNA India quoted him saying, “Seldom has it happened that we look beyond appearance when it comes to a love story. In our cinema, we always prioritize vanity and the beauty of the girl. Here is a love story where the boy and the girl are falling in love because of the individuals they are. This part of the narrative is very special.”

Speaking about his co-star who had to burn the prosthetics to heal emotionally, he revealed, “I do not know what process she follows to create a character but from my observation, I can say she internalizes the character she portrays on screen and, at times, it takes a toll on her. I know that the character of Malti is special for her and it impacted her as a performer.”

Hindustan Times quoted him adding, “There were days when she would respond like Malti even off-camera. I think as an actress, she has given her all, emptied herself to create Malti. Perhaps that is why she was overwhelmed during the trailer launch of the film.”

The actor also put forth his two cents about how the issue of acid attacks in the society should be tackled, starting at home.

“There is a different kind of upbringing we give to the son of the house than the daughter, where we do not teach a little boy how to accept rejection. Later, it turns into an ego issue. In most cases of acid-violence, the boy throws acid on a girl when she rejects his marriage proposal.”

“The first step to stop the crime is to change the upbringing, and parents need to take that step. Boys need to learn to accept ‘no’ for an answer and (realize) why consent is of utmost importance. The right kind of parenting can build a progressive society I guess.”

We wish everyone involved in the film all the very best and hope that their hard work makes the intended impact on society.

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