Vikram Bhatt Speaks Of The Allegations Against Rhea Chakraborty


The cops are still investigating the death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput but even before they come to a conclusion, a section of social media has been spreading hate about Rhea Chakraborty in particular and Bengali women in general. In an interview with Hindustan Times, filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has spoken against this “witch hunt”.

He was quoted saying, “I would like to say everyone is innocent until proved guilty, that is the law of every land, let’s not come to any conclusion about how Rhea might be involved in this, This is an accusation from a father who is much grieved. Whilst one can’t say that the father is wrong about whatever he is quoting, but there are always two sides to a story.”


“For instance, money has been siphoned from the account. It’s possible that the money was spent somewhere. I am not certain that we should run to any conclusion until the law comes to an investigative conclusion. The police are working on it, soon people will find out what’s going on.”

On Rhea’s appeal to transfer the case to Mumbai he added, “If the case is in Bihar, she will have to go there all the time. She is not denying an investigation. She also must be grieving, first of all from a loss, then grieving from public perception. Now everybody also wants to blame it on her. Let’s look at things from her point of view also, because isn’t that fairness?”


“She is, after all, a single girl, who is fighting this battle of perception. I have been around here enough to know how perceptions can be created. It can be a very dangerous thing, so I wouldn’t like to join the bandwagon that wants to be a part of a witch hunt.”

He concluded by saying that we should let the cops do their work and stop floating our own theories on the case. Do you agree?

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