Vikas Khanna Posted A Video About A Mom Encouraging Her Differently-Abled Kid. GOOSEBUMPS

Culinary God Vikas Khanna is not just a celebrity chef (with a million dollar smile) but is also an international icon who has single-handedly placed India on the global cook book.

Holy God. Time Flies. 2001. 🙄

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It is almost overwhelming how the three-time Michelin Star awardee is so many things at the same time; a chef, a restaurateur, an author, India’s hottest Masterchef and most importantly, a dutiful son.

In fact, Vikas has time and again expressed his gratitude to his mother, who has also been the inspiration behind his journey, from Amritsar to America. He has even spoken how his mother knew he is meant for the skies while the doctors said he would never walk as a child.

And from the looks of it, the chef is in a mood to reminisce.


Vikas just posted a video about a mom encouraging her differently-abled kid to climb a flight of stair and it will tear you up! 

The power of Mother's words of encouragement. ❤️

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In another of the same, he even thanked his mom for raising him to be whatever he is today. 

Thank You Mom. We did it.

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“Thank you, Mom. We did it.”

In fact, the heart-touching video is making the rounds of the internet.


Even Anand Mahindra, Chairman and M.D, Mahindra Group shared the video with most beautiful caption ever! He wrote,

“At first, I couldn’t bear to look & then I was left feeling uplifted. I don’t think I will ever complain again about any job being too hard…”

Isn’t it just the thing you needed to see?

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