Vikas Khanna Reunites With Muslim Family Who Saved His Life 26 Yrs Ago In Mumbai Riots


Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna needs no introduction. But if you insist, the man of the moment is not just an Indian heartthrob but is also an international figure, representing and putting the nation on a global map. Spreading the aroma of Indian cuisines, his culinary journey has inspired many to dream and continues to, as we speak.

However, there is another side to him, a side to his multi-faceted personality that deserves praise. If you haven’t guessed already, it is his big heart and all the humility he carries in it. And today is just the day to speak about it. All that but first a little backstory…

Ever since 1992, Vikas Khanna has fasted for a day every time during the holy month of Ramzan to honour a Muslim family that saved his life during the 1992 riots in Mumbai. Explaining it in a Facebook post, back in 2015, he wrote,

vikas khanna

“I was training in the kitchen of SeaRock Sheraton, Mumbai in 1992 December when riots broke and whole city was under fire.

We were stuck in the hotel for days. Iqbal Khan and Wasim Bhai (Trainee Chef and a waiter, whom I lost touch with forever) and their families sheltered me and nurtured me during this time.”

He had even shared his account in an interview earlier as to how the family protected him in a tension-rife time, in a city he didn’t know at all.

He heard a rumour that the situation in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar was getting unruly. Worried about the safety of his brother who lived there, the chef immediately rushed. On his way, a Muslim family warned him against rioters and took him in. Soon, a mob gheraoed the place and demanded to know who he was when they said…

“He’s our son.”

And they left!

Now, a lot of time has passed since then, 26 years to be precise but, Vikas still remembers their favour. How do I know that? Because after a lot of tribulations, he has finally found the family.

In fact, he took to Twitter to share the news that he shall break his fast, after all this time, with them.

“This is one of the happiest day of my life. @AnupamPKher ji had interviewed me last year for @republic & I shared the story of Muslim family that saved my life during riots.
WE FOUND THEM & today I shall break the fast with them.”

An ecstatic Vikas also wrote,

“This will be the most significant and important EID of my life.”

Now, isn’t it a story for the books? Here’s hoping that this spirit of harmony and unity prevail in all testing times.

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