Vijay Mallya Was Arrested In London And Twitter Celebrated With These Dank Bank Memes


In a comedy of errors and sorts, Vijay Mallya, head-honcho of Kingfisher was arrested for a brief period of time by Scotland Yard in London and is now out on bail. While the news of his extradition to India is still under wraps and uncertainty.

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However, everything is possible (and plausible) in Twitterverse. I mean the news of his arrest broke and Tweeple couldn’t help but imagine every banks’ moment of joy. One glance and you’ll be convinced-Twitter truly is a conglomerate of the creative!



Here are a few, just for laughs! 

1. *music plays in the backdrop*


2. Dhina dhin dha



3. Hamla???


4. They should!


5. Because, why not?


6. Khushi ke aansun


7. In other news…


8. Or


9. My favourite! 


10. Nacho BC


11. Tissues, anyone?


12. This one never gets old!


13. “Humare rupay aayengey!”



15. Just saying!

I can’t help but wonder if we are cracking up what is going down at the SBI branches (and the other banks that Mallya owes money).

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