Vidya Balan Gives The Most Savage Reply To The Reporter Who Fat Shamed Her During An Interview

It is no secret that beauty standards and body images in the entertainment world are very rigid. Actors are forced to confine themselves to these norms and look a certain way to ‘fit in’. Roles are given on the basis of appearance and bodies are forced to be molded into a specific stereotypical gaze.

Vidya Balan is one of the actors who never let these beauty standards get the better of her. Busy promoting her upcoming movie, ‘Tumhari Sulu‘, she has been doing umpteen interview. Might I add that she has been rocking that saree and looking nothing short of stunning!

However, during one of her promotional interviews, she was asked the most bizarre and appalling question. A journalist fat shamed Vidya Balan and asked her a question which frankly has my blood boiling.

Vidya was shocked at this question but put forth a valid point of her own. She asked what the connection between woman-centric roles and weight loss was. He said he was talking about the “glamorous roles”.

If you remember, it was Vidya who made curves ‘sexy again’ with her portrayal of the iconic Silk Smitha. And once again she has not disappointed with her savage reply. Watch the entire video here.

Don’t you think it’s high time we start asking female celebrities better questions? I salute you Vidya for giving young girls the opportunity to see different body types on screen and letting all girls feel beautiful.