Quiz Alert! Can You Identify The Vidya Balan Movie By Her Super-Hit Characters?

Vidya Balan has earned several accolades for her acting prowess, teamed up with some memorable and iconic looks. But how many of you can correctly guess the names of her movies by one look at her character’s impactful look? Take this quiz and let’s find out.

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1. This was based on the life of a 1980s South Indian icon.

2. Here, her character leads a team of female scientists.

3. Remember this radio jockey?

4. This character gave her life for her country.

5. This heavily-pregnant protagonist stole the show!

6. The math wiz!

7. This rom-com showed the struggles of parenthood.

8. She played a Punjabi housewife in this black comedy film.

9. Sabrina Lal seeking justice for her sister.

10. This character fools 2 rogues into doing her bidding.

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