Video Of Youngsters Helping Dying Man Surf For The Last Time Is Winning The Internet!

Someday, we’re all going to draw our last breath. If we are lucky, we’ll get to tick things off our wish-list. But you know what’s even better? Helping someone else fulfil their last wish!

A guy named Ryan Giancola was on vacation with his family. On the day of his birthday, they were having a good time at the beach when an elderly woman came to them and asked if they could help her husband surf because it was his favourite thing to do.

Ryan told sources that this was the old man’s last beach trip because he had a year to live. The man suffered from dementia. He then took it on himself to make the old man’s last surf, and his birthday, memorable!

He later posted a video of the incident on Twitter. The family can be seen helping the old man surf and it’s heartwarming!

“Honestly the whole thing was amazing. I think the craziest part was that their family thought that we gave them a gift when really they gave us an incredible experience that we will never forget”, said Ryan.

As the video went viral, there were many who thanked the family for fulfilling the old man’s wish. There were also people who recounted their own experiences of dealing with a family member suffering from dementia.

The world needs more kindhearted people like him!

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