Woman Posing For Selfies In Crowded Metro Has Netizens Saying ‘Thoda Confidence Hume Bhi De Do’

There are many for whom taking a selfie with others around is a complete no-no. Then there are those who don’t mind taking a selfie amidst a crowd. Then there are a few, the higher beings, who can unleash their inner-model irrespective of time, place, and situation!

One such higher being is this woman who was caught doing a photoshoot of herself in a crowded metro. A video of the woman, Jessica Gorge, not missing a single pose to get the perfect selfie has gone viral and I’m glad it did!

Jessica skillfully placed her phone on her seat, supported by her bag which served as a camera stand, and set it on selfie-timer. She then went on to strike different poses – sitting, standing, bending, playing with her hair – basically every pose that can make people go “wowzah”, all the while not giving a single damn about whether people were watching!

The video was taken by another passenger, who was clearly blown away by her confidence, and was posted on Twitter:

Not just him, the woman has managed to wow everyone who has seen the video and are now asking the Lord to lend some of the confidence that he has blessed her with!


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Netizens were really curious about what the final product looked like.

Then this happened…


Anyone else’s jaw dropped?

In a generation filled with socially-awkward people, this surely is a breath of fresh air! You go, girl!

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