Guy Posts Badass Video Of Naval Officer Wife Docking Her Warship, In Response To Sexist Comment

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard a guy make jokes about how women are bad drivers, I’d own a BMW i8 by now. It’s even become a kind of road trip game for me now. Every time someone irks off the designated driver, and if they can’t see the face of the reckless driver, they immediately pass some dialogue like “Must be some woman who’s trying to prove she’s no less than men! Can’t these women just take a cab instead?”

And even when it turns out to be a guy at the wheel of the other car, they still stick to their earlier statement. You might even be treated to some “oh so fun” stories of the times women have made blunders on the road.

As a woman having to listen to them bitch about my gender, every time I just sit there going:

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Well, guess what boys? I now have conclusive evidence that proves that its time to shut down your “women are such bad drivers” joke factories once and for all.

You see this warship here? The one that seemingly disappears between a container ship and destroyer?

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Guess who’s driving it? Bingo! A woman. Who’d have thunk, eh? Does it boggle your minds dear men who still crack the same misogynistic joke at every party?

The images above are from a video of a naval officer berthing her ship in a tight space with apparent ease. And guess who posted the video? Her husband. A man who’s proud of his wife and is not threatened by her ability to manoeuvre heavy machinery, unlike some people we all know of in our lives.

Actually, you know what? You need to see the video to truly appreciate the awesomeness of the whole thing. Watch:

Ba dum tsss…!!! Did I hear a few jaws drop? Pick ’em back up boys, you’ll need them. But seriously, how cool is this video?! I don’t think there’s ever been a more badass response to the women driver jokes.