People Are Impressed With This Man’s ‘Chadar Roti’ Making Skills, Watch Video

One of life’s many mysteries is how desi moms can make perfectly round rotis every single time. That too without breaking a sweat. We’ve seen tutorials and practiced but can only hope to match their level of skill in the kitchen. Which is why it is hard for us to imagine someone surpassing their roti-making skills. But the following video shows a man doing just that.

In the clip shared by @hvgoenka, a man is seen effortlessly turning dough into ‘chadar roti’. The thin flatbread is actually a type of rumali roti (or manda) but much bigger in size. Take a look.

According to The Indian Express, this roti is a staple menu item in Afghanistan and is had with tandoori dishes. While the exact location where the video was shot is unknown, the ease with which the man rolls them out is unmissable. Also interesting to note is him using a huge tube/pipe to cook them and the large pile of prepared flatbreads by his side.

People praised his dexterity and cooking talent and also christened the humongous roti as “Bahubali roti” and “Hulk roti”. Check it out.

This is exactly the kind of inspiration we needed to get back in the kitchen and make at least one round roti.