Video Of Akshay Kumar Teaching Self-Defence To A School Girl Is For All Women To Watch

It is a sight to watch theย Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi fight. But it’s an even better sight to see him teach how to fight!

Akshay Kumar has been a strong proponent of women’s safety and empowerment and has also been very vocal about it.

The martial arts king was recently spotted at a self-defence camp at Thane training young girls basic self-defence techniques.

As crimes against women are in the rise, women from all age groups are urged to learn self-defence so that they are capable of helping themselves and fighting back when an incident occurs.

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More than 2,000 young girls from nearby schools in Thane turned out for the camp.

Akshay Kumar posted a video of the camp on social media where he can be seen himself teaching one of the girls some basic techniques!

Just how all the girls cheered for Akki during his session, Netizens are also full-on in support of his endeavours:

Every day on the news we hear about incidentsย where women are victimized. Women, don’t wait for others to come and help you out of a grave situation. When it’s about your life, you need to take charge of it.

Kudos to Akki for taking such initiatives!