89-YO Daadi Celebrates Her Birthday In True Victorian Style Complete With Gloves & Hat

Some grandparents are just the best. Hence, they deserve all the happiness and love. And to express their affection towards their 89-year-old daadi, digital creator Sneha Desai decided to throw a victorian-style tea party for her on her birthday.

Sneha shared a reel on her Instagram giving us a glimpse of her daadi’s amazing birthday bash. She decked her daadi up like a Victorian queen in a pretty purple gown complete with gloves and a hat. She then gave her a fancy hand-held fan and an umbrella to pose like royalty.

Her family made sure the decor was on point and in sync with her birthday theme.

The beautiful grandma then blew out candles and cut her cake surrounded by her family.

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Take a look at her party that might inspire you to throw one for your daadi maa.


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People online were in awe of this sporting daadi and lauded her family who made her feel so special.

What a wonderful thought. Also, Daadi looked so gorgeous!

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