‘Look Away From Your Phones’: How Vi Broke The Diwali Ad Clutter With Its Thought-Provoking Video

Sometimes, it really amazes us how phones have become not just integral, but an inseparable part of our lives.
Wake up – check your phone.
Washroom break – take your phone along.
Sleepy? Wait, let me check my phone before I sleep. 😛

So much so, that the phrase humari jaan basti hai iss mein can now be used for those hand-held devices! As the virtual world takes precedence over the real one, we often find ourselves glued to our phones…even amidst our families.

Ultimately, phones are like a double-edged sword – they connect you to those far away, but yet keep you far from those close by. Hence, on this year’s Diwali, Vi arrived with an insightful message encouraging people to do things right – Phone se nazar hataiye, Diwali hai #Lookup.

The thought is timely too since the pandemic has been a reminder that good times don’t always last; that there might come a time when we will yearn for togetherness, companionship and family-time but there will be no flights, no trains, no buses to take us to our loved ones.

The video highlights that while phones bring many people closer to their loved ones, it can also create a distance between those living together. What makes the film more authentic (and sets it miles apart from regular Diwali ads) is that a telecom operator is asking us to put our phones away; the counter-intuitiveness makes it sparkle. Have a look:

From this day forward, instead of soan papdi, maybe we can gift our families, friends, and loved ones the gift of our undivided attention. Because, the best gifts can’t be bought! 🙂

Kya aap pass walon ke sang hain? Happy Diwali.🪔🪔🪔

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