Kolhapur Vendor Caught Mixing Toilet Water With Pani Puri, Angry Locals Ravage His Cart

When we were young, our grandparents often warned us against street food. Many even claimed that sellers use dirty water, utensils, and hands to make the food. While we thought they were joking, there seems to have been some truth to it!

According to Times Now, a street food vendor in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, was caught using public toilet water to make his pani puri. The man runs a stall named ‘Mumbai Ki Special Pani Puri’.

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A video of him doing so has been widely circulated online. The man can be seen filling a large plastic container with water from outside a women’s public toilet. He then goes on to carry the container to his stall and empties it inside a water dispenser from which ‘khatta pani’ is usually poured.

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Have a look at the video here:

As people nearby got to know about this, they attacked his cart in a fit of rage and threw all the pani puris and the water on the road, reports DNA. Previously, several people used to queue up and taste his pani puris.

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Here’s how people online reacted:

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It is condemnable for street vendors to use unsanitary means to make food, especially when we are amidst a pandemic! We hope the seller learns from his mistake.

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