A Jain Family In Bengaluru Was Served Chicken Biryani And Obviously They Lost Their Cool

You can only imagine the apocalypse for a vegetarian if he eats non-vegetarian food. A Bengaluru’s family experienced the same.

The 32-year-old businessman from Bengaluru, Hemant Khinwasara went out with his Jain family to dine at a pure veg restaurant and his evening got ruined.

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The Jain family went to Rangoli Veg Pure Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Gandhinagar at 9:30 PM on Sunday. The family is a regular customer of this restaurant.

There were around 2 dozen family members and that’s why they were seated in 2 tables and they ordered jeera rice and veg biryani. However, when the food came, they found huge chunks of balls. Confused, they mistook it for mushroom or paneer and devoured the food. Only after finishing the meal, they came to know the “chunks” were nothing but chicken.


Fuming in anger, they confronted the waiters and hotel staff, asking them to summon the chef.

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But, the chef and some kitchen employees already fled the kitchen through the back door. The anger was quite acceptable as this mistake had hurt their religious sentiments.

Here’s what Ashwin Semlani (Hemant’s friend present at the dinner) said:

We then called the control room and police arrived. It was only then that the waiters told us that they had accidentally served us a wrong order, meant to be for another customer staying in the hotel. None of the hotel staff apologized to us and enraged us even more.


After the police complaint was filed, it was revealed that the restaurant prepares non-vegetarian dishes for its customers, at times.

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Hemant revealed that there were pieces of chicken kept on the kitchen platform.

The family might seek help from Consumer Court.

You can see the family’s reaction in┬áthis video.

It hurts the religious sentiments of the person involved and is also against the guidelines that hotels and restaurants are mandated to follow.

News Source: Times Of India

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