This Aunty’s Brutally Honest Review Of ‘Veere Di Wedding’ Is Savage… x 100!

After much hoopla, the ‘not a chick flick’ chick flick Veere Di Wedding has finally hit movie theatres near you. Starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania, the movie attempts to showcase the real women of today and their antics at one of their Veere‘s wedding. So far so good.

Image Courtesy: Balaji Motion Pictures

The movie has been receiving a lot of mixed reviews from critics and janta alike, even being awarded a ban in Pakistan! The swerving factor in the reviews has been the way the female characters have been portrayed and viewers’ acceptance of that portrayal.

But enough about that. We’re here to show you a comprehensive, heartfelt, review of Veere Di Wedding that has taken social channels by storm for being savage AF! Some are even calling it the ONLY way to review a movie! Presented to you by Aunty No. 1!

Ye toh sirf trailer tha, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

The interview seems to have been taken outside a cinema in Mumbai, has the Aunty pretty much annihilate everything that’s wrong with the movie, according to her.

From the quality of songs in the movie to Swara Bhasker’s credibility in portraying a rich character, Aunty’s got a savage opinion about everything!

Aunty’s main issue, I think, is with the insane number of product placements throughout the movie, in particular, an airline brand and a namkeen brand!

But hey, it’s not all negative also! She’s got a few nice words to say about Shikha Talsania and Sumeet Vyas!

I think, let’s not keep those ears waiting. Go ahead and let Aunty show you a thing or two about giving movie reviews!

Naturally, Aunty’s become a legend on social media now. And people are screaming for more!

She’s set a benchmark that they think only she can top, TBH!

1. Hear hear!

2. Okay, ‘savage’ is an understatement.

3. I have a feeling some people are going to watch the movie only so they can justifiably laugh at the review!

4. Perfectly put!

5. I hope Swara takes this review with a pinch of salt and has a good laugh about it!

6. Intense!

7. I’d watch that!

Now see here, Aunty’s review is Aunty’s own. So you can still go ahead and watch the film, and decide for yourself how you like the film. But if you do have any more such ‘Honest’ reviews, I’m all ears!