Meet 89-YO Veerammal Amma, Tamil Nadu’s Oldest Panchayat President Who Is Fit As A Fiddle

If somebody asks me to imagine an 89-year-old woman, I would probably think of a frail and low-on-energy person surviving on daily medicines and prayers to God. However, at 89 years old, Veerammal Amma who is also called ‘Arittapatti Paati’ affectionately is defying age and health-related stereotypes.

Veerammal Amma hails from Tamil Nadu’s Arittapatti village and she is the president of the village panchayat. She is a strong advocate for traditional values and sustenance and walks with a radiant smile. She has an indomitable spirit and is very enthusiastic in everything she does, which comes as a surprise considering her age!

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She, who is Tamil Nadu’s oldest panchayat president, lives a simple life consisting of home-cooked food like millet and working in the agricultural field. She managed to win the heart of IAS officer Supriya Sahu who took to social media to share her story.

“Veerammal Amma, popularly known as ‘Arittapatti Paati’ the 89 years old Panchayat President of Arittapatti Panchayat is truly an inspiring woman. Fit as a fiddle she is the oldest Panchayat President in TN. Her infectious smile & unbridled enthusiasm is so heartwarming,” officer Sahu wrote.

She went on to add, “When I asked her the secret of her fitness and positive attitude, she tells me it’s all about eating simple home-cooked traditional meals like millets and working all day in her agricultural field. What an honour to meet her and discuss our plans for development of Arittapatti which is the first Bio Diversity Heritage Site in Madurai Tamil Nadu.”

Have a look at her post here:

In today’s modern times, we tend to make life very complicated. The answer to a happy and healthy life has always been a simple lifestyle. Thanks to Veerammal Amma for reminding us that! ūüėÄ

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